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MayaVrksa handmade collections is a line of simply fascinating handmade eco-friendly products & stationaries. While all of these products are created with passion towards maintaining authentic lifestyle, each of them are crafted meticulously by hand. Starting from stitching, binding to aligning & cutting, MayaVrksa uses traditional tools & techniques to ensure an ever lasting impression.

MayaVrksa is an initiative from VrksaLifeSpace. Vrksa’s vision is to focus on identifying a lifestyle that’s being less reliant on the system and become self-sufficient. Vrksa strongly believe in the simple pleasures of faith, family and everyday living with what nature provides in abundance.

Like other products from vrksa, the custom hand crafted stationeries are created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Vrksa train and work with group of artisans and individuals to create these products, creating opportunities for their livelihood.


Speak your mind with this journal that is handcrafted out of the finest quality paper. This journal has a simple yet sophisticated finish starting from the refillable cover to the slim notebook, to scribble your thoughts. And a compact foldable paper holder to quickly store any maps, paper bits or even currencies.

This journal holds around 96 sheets in the slim notebook & measures 4” x 7” when closed and 10.5” x 7” when opened.


If you love the touch of beautiful textured handmade paper, this gorgeous clutch is for you! The clutch made of versatile material, not only shows your interest towards eco-friendly lifestyle, it also will be a head turner for a night out in the town.

This simple yet compact 7.5” tall x 4” wide clutch, has interlaced pocket for holding money & a good sized mirror reflecting your beautiful self.

Passport Holder

When travelling, travel light! This light weight yet durable passport holder will fit a passport, some credit / business cards, currency & a nice sized pocket on one side for holding your tickets & boarding pass.

This passport holder (7.25” x 3.5”) is one packet that holds all travel documents with a nice touch of textured paper on a cover.

Card Holder

Replace your heavy wallet with this Bi-fold compact six slot card holder to keep all your credit cards handy & easily accessible. This minimalist design suits well in any of your pockets easily for men and woman.

This wallet measures 3” x 3.5” when closed and 6” x 3.5” when open. It has 6 slots for cards & cash.

Business Card Holder

Store your business cards in this sleek pouch. This durable & simplistic card holder easily holds around 15 standard business cards, while showing your support to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This slim business card holder measures 2.5” x 3.75”. Easily sits in a shirt pocket or a clutch.


With a pleasant blend of colors, these simple yet elegant file folders can be used to organize your documents securely with 2 firm pockets / holders inside.

These folders hold a set of up to 10 standard A4 sheet papers. Take this eco-friendly file to an interview or let your kids take it to school to show the difference.

This file measures 9” x 12.5” when closed and 9” x 18.25” when open.


With a nice soft texture feel, this minutely designed handcrafted open ended pocket folders are a blend of quality and functionally to stay organized & store important documents at school, office or home.

Handmade & measured to fit perfect for standard papers, the folder measures 10” x 13.75”.

Notebook - Standard

This standard notebook acts both as valued gift or a personal notebook of choice by assuring you a unique style and confidence. This notebook was designed, printed, stitched & bound by hand.

This standard size notebooks measures 5.5” x 7”.

Notebook - Slim

This handmade perfect bound journalist style slim notebook suits perfectly while you are on travel or when you need a handy yet good number of pages for you to continue taking your notes.

This slim notes book holds 96 handmade sheets and measures 3.75” x 7”.

Notebook - Square

A stunning handmade notebook made from high quality recycled paper and bound with a nice handmade textured thick cover.

The square notebook (4.5” x 4.5”) is substantial enough to be used for writing notes or quick drawings.

Notebook - Small

Our small notebooks are always handy when on the go fitting into just about any pocket purse or bag. Great for everyday use or specific needs, this slim notebooks measures approximately 4” x 4.5”.

Notepad - Big

This vertical flip-over notepad is made of flexible yet durable handmade recycled paper. This version of the notepad bound with 96 pages is crafted to be little big (5” x 7”) in size for an office/school / college kind of setup to take notes and for long term use.

Notepad - Small

This small notepad was created considering the need, to ease the use of carrying to places and jot down ideas or thoughts.

This version of the notepad, even though smaller in size (3.5” x 5”), holds 96 pages for long term usage. These could be used as memo or scratch pads.


Matchbox Notepad

These matchbox style notepads are great for any writing on the go needs, like meetings, minutes, doodles, quick sketching lists or simple jotting down notes etc.

These notepads (3” x 4.25”) are made to be portable and light to be carried around like a matchbox to fire up an idea.


Paper Pencil

These gorgeous colorful handcrafted Paper pencils can become a good reason for you to use pencils again. Different from regular pencils made of wood, these pencils are made of recyclable papers, hand rolled & crafted. 

A set of 3 handcrafted pencils in a compact handmade pouch!

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