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About MayaVrksa

MayaVrksa handmade collections is a line of simply fascinating handmade eco-friendly products & stationaries. While all of these products are created with passion towards maintaining authentic lifestyle, each of them are crafted meticulously by hand. Starting from stitching, binding to aligning & cutting, MayaVrksa uses traditional tools & techniques to ensure an ever lasting impression.

MayaVrksa is an initiative from Vrksa LifeSpace. Vrksa’s vision is to focus on identifying a lifestyle that’s being less reliant on the system and become self-sufficient. Vrksa strongly believe in the simple pleasures of faith, family and everyday living with what nature provides in abundance.

Like other products from vrksa, the custom hand crafted stationeries are created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Vrksa train and work with group of artisans and individuals to create these products, creating opportunities for their livelihood.






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